Saturday, March 21, 2015

A Happiness Box

Last night, my online friend posted something awesome on her Instagram. No, not that glamorous stuff you wear, not that fancy food you eat, not that enviable place you visit. She called it 'a happiness box'. The picture wasn't attractive at all. It looks like a cardboard box, just thicker, with colorful motif cover. But, what she told in caption that inspired me to do the same thing. To have a 'happiness box'. She said that she collected stuff that literally make her happy. Could be a boarding pass when she traveled abroad, a book--I saw Le Petit Prince novel in that box--, a concert ticket, pictures, anything! So when she's down, she takes her happiness box, open it, then somehow she instantly gets the positive energy which means happiness. Cool, huh?!

Then, I was like thinking of creating my own happiness box. If I had one, what things would I put in there? My books? The most favorite which I even can't decide one? Oh, probably a novel I wrote! Aha.. what a cheesy! Hahaha... Till now, I still don't know what things that make me happy straightaway. I kept thinking that my whole life is a package of happiness, so what's the box for then? Such a lie, you think?! Maybe! Hehehe... But maybe I didn't try hard enough to remember the happy things. So, right now, I'm trying to find--writing--the stuff that makes me happy all this time. 

The picture of my parents. Of course I couldn't put my living parents into a box. It would need a giant box. And actually I have one. A home. A home where my parents stay. So, I'll keep a picture of my parents at home. Don't you think that it's just fulfilling a moral purpose? How come you don't include your parents as something that makes you happy?! What a damned if you don't keep a picture of your parents in your happiness box?! But, it's not like that. We know that the truth is our parents don't always make us happy. Sometimes we argue a lot with them. So irritating. But, however your parents treat you, there's a time that you even can't remember when your parents were so blissful for your presence. We, somehow, are the things that make them happy. Get my point? They're happy for me. So, why can't I be happy for them?

Next is... my book of marriage. Sorry for my weak memory, I can't trace history of my life perfectly. So, I come out with the recently happened in my life. A marriage. With someone I knew for four years. Someone I trust. Someone who'll not betray me (hopefully). Someone whom I live with till death do us part. Not trying to be romantic at all. Hehehe... And you know what, my marriage was celebrated on my birthday. Double happiness!

What else then? I seldom travel. I seldom watch a concert. I seldom get a souvenir from others. I'm just dependent girl of my parents, my husband. I don't live a luxurious style. My wardrobe is just regular. Then what things should I put in my happiness box? Isn't there thing that perfectly makes me happy? Or, should I put only pictures in there? That's it! The point is... It's not the things, not stuff, not material, but the moments! The moments which we captured with our camera. The moments when we feel so blessed, content. The excited moments we experienced. The joy that surround us when it happened. And there are so many! If I print all the digital photo which taken when the happy moments happened, my happiness box will be full with them. 

So... what? I think the idea of keeping a happiness box is cool, since it gives positive effect. If I want, I can start from zero. From right now. I can have my own happiness box, I put a picture of my parents, my book of marriage, the first novel I wrote (Yeah, right!), then... later... I don't know the future will bring... but I'm quite sure there will be another happy moment. There'll be a material as a proof of the moments happened which I can keep it in my happiness box. But the most important is to embrace that moment at that time. Well... wish me a long live then! And... never wait for happiness happen! Let's make it happen instead... whenever, wheresoever. 

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