Saturday, July 12, 2014

Who is Helvira Hasan?

I started my literary career as an indie writer, in particular short story writer. At first, my writing style was influenced by Djenar Maesa Ayu and Ayu Utami. So that, I was quite brave to publish "Lajang Jalang". I'd like to say it, a moral semi-erotic romance anthology. It was self-published with on October 2010. I did all the preparation by myself without anyone knew about it. I merely... 
"bring it on!"

My pen name was Vira Cla. I also used this name when I got a chance to publish a short story for major publisher. This was the beginning of my literary career in mainstream publishing. I contributed in young adult (teenlit) anthologies; Lovediction 1 (IceCube KPG, February 2013) and Siwon Six (PlotPoint, April 2013). 

I never stop dreaming since then. I set my target to write a novel. The goal was accomplished and it was published by a popular publisher, Gagas Media. For this debut novel, Al Dente, I decided to change my pen name to be another pen name--Helvira Hasan. Helvira is my real first name and Hasan is my father's name. The reason is to respect my father who lets me to do this literary stuff while I often disappoint him. I won't let anyone know my middle name. But, if you already know it, please keep it for yourself. Anyway, please call me Vira. *cheers*

I still consider myself as an aspiring writer. If I could, I'd like to write in many genre. My masterpiece hasn't been born yet! Just wait and see. 


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