Sunday, January 15, 2012

It's about #30HariMenulisSuratCinta

Am I really tied to do this thing? #30HariMenulisSuratCinta means that I have to write a love letter every single day for 30 days along. It was begun yesterday and will be ended on February 14th, the special day according to some people. Yeah, Valentine’s Day. I guess that’s the purpose of this event brought by social media enthusiasts. Whatever, I think it’s a good chance to introduce my blog to social media junkies, right? Not sure, but nothing to lose. Even it may increase my writing skill if I write a letter every day. For 29 days ahead, I try to stimulate my heart to arise a special feeling to a few of people or some special things. Actually, I already have that special feeling, but probably I have to gain deeper feeling… that is love. Love actually, huh? Hehehe…
So, whom did my first love letter go to? Well, she’s Icha, my best friend since we were in the same class at first grade junior high. More than 10 years of friendship, and she’s getting married next month. I think it’s a good idea to show my gratitude and affection to her. We’ve been through many years with laughter, laughter, more laughters and a lil bit sadness. That’s why I chose her as first person to receive my first love letter.

The big question for this event is whether I’ll commit to write a love letter every day. Do I have 30 persons and things I love? Yeah, I know I can send my love letter to the same person for many days I want. But, it’s quite useless. Hehehe… Then, will I have a good mood to write a love letter? Won’t I get bored for writing the same topic everyday? Hmm, not sure.. But hopefully I can write variety theme, though it’s still sort of a love letter. 
Voila… The challenge of writing is never ending for me. I just want to be better in writing. The highest dream… that I want to be a superb writer! :))

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