Sunday, January 8, 2012

Happiness on Writing Project

The first weekend of this year was so exciting. On Friday night, my partners in crime of writing projects--Zula and Tenni--and I had conference chat via Yahoo!Messenger. We talked about the projects which had been suspended for almost one year. We denied to cancel the project. Even vigorously we wanted to start over the concept. So, we agreed to meet up on the next day that is on Saturday. 

Should I tell you readers what exactly the project we run? Well, only a piece of cake! Hehehe.. We collaborated in writing a novel. We called the project as "Novel 3 Kepala". I won't talk much about this project until the concept get set. I just want to share the generals.

The time of meeting was scheduled at 11 a.m on Food Court of The Plaza Semanggi. But, we realized that we're not kind of punctual person. For the unimportant reason, we caught up the place around 1 p.m. Tenni came first, then I, then Zula. We had lunch and chit chat before discussing the project. Apparently we missed the togetherness for we didn't see each other for quite long time.

On discussion, we tried to give the best idea that came across our mind to put on the concept of novel. We described the topic, the subtopic, and the characters. It's quite hard to choose the best decision from three different type of mind. Tenni said this, Zula said that. But, thank God it wasn't too conflicting. Getting tired then we brake the discussion, we started to chat about else than the project. Since we love to be in a photograph, we captured ourselves using Zula's Ipod. The results were so beautiful! Hahaha...


The meeting took time till evening. We just set outline for first several chapter. We still need more time and more meeting to finish the outline while we do research. It will need our full of energy to finish the project. No matter how hard it is, I realize that this is what I love. I get my happiness on writing, so do my partners I guess. Most of all, I'm excited to get involved in a unique connection between my both partners and me. Hopefully we can write this novel till the end and the friendship we've built will stay forever. That's all, folks! 

Happiness On Writing


  1. I've ever tried to do the same: asking my friends to join a project, to write a novel, together... But, our business and the ordinary things like school etc departed us from the idea and vision of the first place.

    I hope you and the friends can survive and finish the project. You are great writers.

    Would be nice if you share us the journey of novel writing. In my opinion, every book has its own story.

    Good luck.

  2. Hi, Jason..thank you for coming. Yes, we hope the same too. Finish the project till the story get ended. Hmm, it's a nice idea to share our writing journey. Well, I'll try my best.. ;)

  3. kalau ada waktu, sekali waktu gw pengen ikut proyek2 kayak gini

  4. Waktu selalu ada, tinggal diatur aja bisa dipake buat bikin proyek gini. Ayo, Gibic! ;)

  5. Ganbatte kudasai! Thanks for coming to my blog... :)