Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Bookworm or Just Impulsive?

- 16 anthology books of short story & poem
- 19 Indonesian-translated novels
- 3 English novels
- 9 Indonesian novels
- 17 non-fiction books

Totally, there are 64 books which I haven’t finished to read! Some of them, I even never touched! I’m so impulsive but I’m slow to read. One year has 52 weeks, so at least I have to read 1 book a week if I want to clean up the unread booklist. And, of course, I must stop buying some books this year!

Well, I’ve just counted the number of books in my bookshelf, which I’ve bought since I lived in Jakarta in 2005. And I only read completely only 62 books. What? Even it’s not half of total books I have! Just nearly half?! I only seriously read 6 books a year?

Yeah, I admit, I seldom read a book in my pre-clinical years. I’d started becoming impulsive since I was entering my clinical years in 2009. It was a dark age of mine. I run to books and writing. So, here I am now, confused between going to be a dentist or literature addict! Hahaha…

Hmm, I think I have to correct my read-list. If I started being a bookworm in 2009, so at least I read 20 books a year. Well, it’s still not a big number for a writer-wanna-be!!! Hahaha… Perhaps I read too much from internet—oh, yeah, I don’t count the number of e-books I read—there are blogpost, updated-status, and tweets! :)) Or maybe I didn’t read that much. I was writing too much! Yes, name it! Blogpost, updated-status, tweets… Yeah, what a readable! :))

Okay, I’ve just listed my must-read-booklist for this year. I really hope that I can read all the unread books of mine. I’m not sure to promise, but I’ll try to stop buying new books. Yeah, we’ll see!