Monday, December 26, 2011

Unclear Social Media Topic

I feel like I'm bored of Social Media (Socmed) and I wanna talk about it. Here's the types of socmed I know and use regularly; Twitter and Facebook. Facebook as the elder one than Twitter is somehow unexchangeable. It has connected me to the people from schools and college, the well-known, even to the people whom I don't recognize at all. Facebook also gives me an access to know how my friend's feeling at some time, an access to explore some people's lives, and an access to stalk someone. It become usual to know what is going on with others. Nevertheless, I also let people know what kind of life I live. For a couple years, It had been common to update my status on Facebook. I didn't care whether it's appropriate or not. At that time, I just wanted to express what I felt and thought, what I had done, what the cool things I wore or ate. Aha.. Facebook helps us to show-off!

Then, Facebook became boring when Twitter was born. There is a limited space to write our status. Oops, it's not called 'update status', but 'tweet'. I tweet, you tweet, they tweet, everybody tweets! Anyway, we aren't bird, are we?

Angry Bird

May I say that Twitter is the phenomenal socmed ever? From the kind of people like me to the kind of famous fabulous people have a twitter account. I admit that twitter is easy and practical. Even though we're allowed to write only maximum 140 characters, Twitter with its timeline system gives us the space to express more freely. It's permissible to tweet every second. It's what timeline for. Timeline will tell us what our following list tweet time by time. It's also permissible to ignore others tweet, just rolling them to the bottom line. It's a fun way to express and to absorb people's thought. You can follow the public twitter account and you may ask for them to follow you. But, embed to your head that you're not forced to follow and you can't force people to follow you. Twitter is a free way! 

Still, we can't hide from people's life. Just like Facebook, Twitter gives us an access to know everything that we should not know, vice versa, twitter let us to tell everything that people should not know. Twitter makes us to express freely. Sometimes we tweet without concerning opinion of others about us and their feelings. The angers, the anxiety, the dissappointment and others negative mood pop-up into timeline. Sometimes we tweet as if there are no people watching, as if we're the only human that dealing with many problems of life. And it's tiring. Well, that's what I feel actually. Watching the timeline, reading line by line, knowing about people's life... exhausting!

Some people could consider Twitter as a fun media. They don't really care what others tweet. Twitter is fun in their way. It's connecting people, allowing us to comment others tweets, even resulting A Tweet War which amusing some people. I don't know how this phrase became popular in timeline. But in this way, with a freedom of speech, people might violate others people. I won't talk this anymore since I don't like to be involved in Tweet War. But, perhaps sometimes I had tweets that might be insulting my friends and followers. Well, I am only human being, right? Yeah... It's justification! Hehehe...

The point I wanna tell you readers that Twitter is tiring. I knew what the inside of people's mind and what the mask they wore... and sometimes it made me sick! Probably that's why the Japanese people don't really enjoy the social media, they're already tired of their lives. They don't need to know what others thought, others life. Maybe I don't give a brief reason why Twitter makes me tired. Just a matter of thought and feeling of mine! Or maybe I don't follow the right people. Aha?!

As I told above, Facebook is unexchangeable, for it's not focusing on "timeline" only--the news feed--but also the memorable lifetime that we share with our friends, family and colleagues. If only I have to shut down one of my social media account, I prefer Twitter to Facebook. Facebook is more friendly, there isn't war of status according to my observation. It's not tiring to watch others profile, whether it's silly or cool, it doesn't make me thinking twice to digest their thoughts. Well, Facebook is convenient for the peace it brings.

I have talked much about this unclear social media topic. I have to end this line. Right here, right now! 


  1. facebook or twitter, we shouldn't get to serious with social media...

    oh ya, could u mine to give some comments on my post?
    thank's before

  2. Yeah, Ian.. why so serious, right?! :))

  3. Hmm, salah sih kayaknya gak ada yang major. Makin banyak latihan, pasti makin banyak variasi kalimat yang keluar. Mungkin mesti minta tolong yang beneran jago buat koreksi, hehe.. soal saya juga nggak jago-jago amat, deh :)

    Perbedaan utama dengan tulisan saya, tulisanmu berasa lebih jurnalistik, formal dan be'rasa' tulisan. Sementara tulisan saya selalu lebih santai, lebih 'saya' dan berasa saya ngobrol. Bener, gak? :)

    Terus ngeblog in English, ya.. biar kita sama-sama latihan :)

  4. Bener gak ya? Bentar.. aku jalan2 dulu ke blogmu. Hehe.. makasi, ya Un udh mampir ;)